the idea...

A still treasure....a still object, but with an important story to tell. A boy's favorite matchbox car. A special "blankie.” Dad's baseball glove from when he was a kid. Mom's sorority pin. Grandfather’s pocket watch. We treasure certain objects because they hold memories and can instantly evoke emotion, bringing back recollections of our past or loved ones. Sadly, most people keep these mementos buried in the attic or on a shelf collecting dust. Still Treasures brings these keepsakes and the memories they hold to life, filling walls and hearts with happiness.

We imagine the inner life of each "treasure"--what a stuffed animal does when its owner is away, how a toy soldier might prepare for battle, the stories an old suitcase that has traveled the world could tell -- and we capture that inner life on camera. One little girl told us that her stuffed animal, Grover, did not like to smile for pictures. When we photographed Grover, we took his photos in profile because we knew he was shy.

At Still Treasures, we cherish the faces of our clients as they see their treasures come to life. There is something magical about watching a little girl open a present to see the face of her favorite stuffed animal; to her, the animal is her greatest treasure, and now she can have a photograph that endures, a memory from childhood immortalized on her wall.

Why keep all of these memories in the attic, collecting dust? Why enjoy them only when you accidentally come across them? Instead, you can appreciate them daily, as a piece of art in your home. As the years go on, treasures rust and tear, but Still Treasures live on forever.